Why Does My Cat Put His Paw on Me

Why Does My Cat Put His Paw on Me

Cats are mysterious creatures that often display peculiar behaviors. One common behavior that many cat owners have noticed is their feline friends placing their paws on them. While this behavior might seem cute and endearing, it can also leave cat owners wondering why their cats do it. Here are a few possible reasons behind this behavior.

1. Marking their territory: Cats have scent glands in their paws, and by placing their paws on you, they are marking you as their territory. This behavior is a way for cats to establish ownership and show other cats that you belong to them.

2. Seeking attention: Cats are known to be attention-seekers, and placing their paw on you can be their way of demanding your attention. They may want to be petted, played with, or simply acknowledged.

3. Displaying affection: Cats have various ways of showing affection, and placing their paw on you is one of them. By making physical contact, they are expressing their love and trust towards you.

4. Mimicking nursing behavior: Kittens often knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow while nursing. As adults, some cats continue this behavior by placing their paws on their owners. It can be a sign of contentment and comfort, reminiscent of their kittenhood.

5. Demonstrating dominance: In some cases, when a cat places its paw on you, it may be a way of asserting dominance. This behavior is more common in cats that have not been properly socialized or have a dominant personality.

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6. Seeking warmth: Cats love warmth, and by placing their paw on you, they might be trying to absorb your body heat. It’s their way of finding comfort and coziness.

7. Testing boundaries: Cats are curious creatures, and placing their paw on you can be their way of testing boundaries. They might be gauging your reaction to see if you will allow them to invade your personal space.


1. Is it normal for my cat to put his paw on me?

Yes, it’s a normal behavior for cats to put their paw on their owners. It can be a sign of affection, attention-seeking, or marking territory.

2. Should I be concerned if my cat puts his paw on me?

In most cases, there is no cause for concern. However, if your cat’s behavior becomes aggressive or excessive, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian or a professional animal behaviorist.

3. Why does my cat only put his paw on me when he wants something?

Cats are intelligent animals and quickly learn that certain behaviors can get them what they want. If your cat puts his paw on you only when he wants something, it’s likely that he has associated this behavior with receiving attention or treats.

4. Can I discourage my cat from putting his paw on me?

If you find your cat’s behavior bothersome, you can redirect their attention by providing toys or scratching posts. Additionally, teaching them basic obedience commands like “off” or “down” can help establish boundaries.

5. Why does my cat put his paw on my face while I’m sleeping?

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When a cat puts its paw on your face while you’re sleeping, it’s likely seeking attention or trying to wake you up. They may want to be fed, play, or simply interact with you.

6. Why does my cat only put his paw on certain family members?

Cats have individual preferences and may feel more comfortable with certain family members. If your cat only puts its paw on certain people, it’s likely due to their unique bond or connection.

7. Is it safe to allow my cat to put its paw on me?

Generally, it is safe to allow your cat to put its paw on you. However, always observe your cat’s body language and ensure that they are not exhibiting signs of aggression or discomfort. If so, it’s best to give them their space.