Where to Buy Octopus Pet

Where to Buy Octopus Pet: A Guide for Aquatic Enthusiasts

If you are an aquatic enthusiast looking to add a unique and fascinating creature to your collection, a pet octopus may be just what you need. Octopuses are intelligent and curious creatures that can provide endless entertainment and intrigue. But where can you buy an octopus pet? In this article, we will explore some options for acquiring a pet octopus and answer some frequently asked questions about caring for them.

1. Aquarium Stores: Some specialized aquarium stores may have octopuses available for purchase. It is important to ensure that the store has the necessary knowledge and expertise to care for these complex creatures.

2. Online Retailers: Several online retailers specialize in selling exotic aquatic creatures, including octopuses. These retailers often provide detailed information about the octopus species they offer and the care requirements involved.

3. Local Breeders: In some areas, there may be local breeders who specialize in breeding and selling octopuses. These breeders may have a deeper understanding of the specific needs of the species they are offering.

4. Marine Biologists or Researchers: Occasionally, marine biologists or researchers who work with octopuses may have surplus individuals available for adoption. Contacting local universities or research institutions may lead to opportunities to provide a home for one of these intelligent creatures.

5. Online Forums and Groups: Joining online forums or groups dedicated to aquatic enthusiasts or octopus enthusiasts can provide valuable connections and information on where to buy octopuses. Members of these communities may have personal recommendations or know of reputable sellers.

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6. Exotic Pet Expos or Shows: Exotic pet expos or shows occasionally feature vendors that specialize in selling unique and rare aquatic creatures, including octopuses. These events provide an opportunity to see the octopuses in person and ask any questions you may have.

7. Importers: Some businesses specialize in importing exotic animals, including octopuses, from various locations around the world. These importers may work with reputable breeders or suppliers to ensure the health and legality of the animals they provide.


1. Are octopuses legal to own as pets?
Yes, owning an octopus as a pet is legal in many places. However, it is essential to check your local laws and regulations regarding exotic pet ownership.

2. How much does a pet octopus cost?
The cost of a pet octopus can vary depending on the species, size, and availability. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

3. What tank setup do I need for an octopus?
Octopuses require a spacious tank with plenty of hiding spots, a secure lid to prevent escapes, and a well-maintained filtration system. The tank should mimic their natural habitat, including rocks, caves, and live rock.

4. What do octopuses eat?
Octopuses are carnivorous and require a diet primarily consisting of live or frozen seafood. This can include shrimp, crabs, clams, and fish.

5. How long do octopuses live?
The lifespan of an octopus varies depending on the species. Some live for only a year or two, while others can live up to five years or longer in captivity.

6. Are octopuses difficult to care for?
Octopuses require specialized care and a deep understanding of their complex needs. They are not recommended for beginner aquarists and require a significant time commitment.

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7. Can octopuses be kept with other fish or invertebrates?
It is generally not recommended to keep octopuses with other fish or invertebrates. Octopuses are intelligent predators and may harm or kill tankmates. They are best kept in a species-only setup.

In conclusion, owning a pet octopus can be a rewarding experience for aquatic enthusiasts. By exploring various avenues such as aquarium stores, online retailers, local breeders, or even contacting researchers, you can find reputable sources to acquire these unique and fascinating creatures. Remember to thoroughly research their care requirements and ensure you are able to provide them with a suitable environment before making a purchase.