How Much Is a Male Calico Cat Worth

How Much Is a Male Calico Cat Worth?

Calico cats are known for their unique coat pattern of three colors: white, orange, and black. They are mostly female, with only about one in every 3,000 calicos being male. Due to their rarity, male calico cats are highly sought after by cat enthusiasts. But how much is a male calico cat worth? Let’s explore the factors that influence their value.

1. Rarity: Male calico cats are extremely rare, making them more valuable than their female counterparts. Their unique genetic makeup, consisting of two X and one Y chromosome, creates the calico coat pattern.

2. Breed: The breed of the calico cat also affects its worth. Purebred male calico cats from reputable breeders can command higher prices. Breeds like American Shorthair, British Shorthair, and Maine Coon are known to produce male calicos.

3. Age: Kittens generally have lower prices compared to adult cats. A young male calico kitten may be less expensive than a mature male calico cat.

4. Health and Genetics: The overall health and genetic background of the cat contribute to its value. Cats with a clean bill of health and good genetics are likely to be priced higher.

5. Pedigree and Lineage: Male calico cats with a documented pedigree and notable lineage can be more valuable. Their ancestry adds to their desirability and uniqueness.

6. Show Potential: If a male calico cat has the potential to excel in cat shows, its value may increase significantly. Cats with exceptional physical traits and temperament have a higher chance of fetching a higher price.

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7. Demand and Location: The demand for male calico cats can vary depending on geographic location. In areas where they are less common, their value may be higher due to increased demand.


1. Can male calico cats reproduce?
Yes, but male calico cats are usually infertile due to their genetic makeup. However, there are rare cases where they can reproduce.

2. Are male calico cats more expensive than females?
Yes, male calico cats are generally more expensive than females due to their rarity.

3. How much does a male calico kitten cost?
The cost of a male calico kitten can range from $500 to several thousand dollars, depending on factors like breed, pedigree, and location.

4. Where can I find a male calico cat for sale?
Reputable breeders, rescue organizations, and online platforms specializing in cat sales are good places to start your search.

5. Can I find a male calico cat at a shelter?
While it’s rare to find male calico cats at shelters, it’s not impossible. Checking with local shelters and rescue organizations is always worth a try.

6. Do male calico cats have unique personalities?
Male calico cats are not known to have distinct personality traits solely based on their coat pattern. Their individual personalities can vary just like any other cat.

7. Can I breed male calico cats to produce more calicos?
Breeding male calico cats to produce more calicos is unlikely due to their infertility. However, breeding a male calico with a female calico or tortoiseshell cat can result in a mix of calico and tortoiseshell kittens.

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In conclusion, male calico cats are rare and valuable due to their unique genetic makeup. Their worth can vary based on factors like rarity, breed, age, health, pedigree, and location. If you are interested in owning a male calico cat, be prepared to invest both time and money into finding the perfect one for you.