Why Does My Dog Sleep on Me and Not My Husband

Why Does My Dog Sleep on Me and Not My Husband?

Dogs are known to be loyal and affectionate companions. They often seek out their owner’s company and enjoy being close to them, including during sleep. It is not uncommon for a dog to choose one person in the household to sleep on, often leaving other family members wondering why they are not the chosen one. If your dog consistently sleeps on you and not your husband, here are some possible reasons why:

1. Bonding: Dogs form strong emotional bonds with their owners. If you spend more time with your dog, it is natural for them to feel more connected to you, leading them to seek your presence during sleep.

2. Scent: Dogs have an exceptional sense of smell. They are attracted to the natural scent of their owners, which can create a sense of comfort and security. If your dog finds your scent particularly comforting, they may choose to sleep on you more often.

3. Warmth: Dogs naturally seek warmth, and humans provide a cozy and warm sleeping surface. If you tend to have a warmer body temperature, your dog may be drawn to sleeping on you for the extra comfort.

4. Pack mentality: Dogs have an instinctual pack mentality and often regard their owners as part of their pack. By sleeping on you, they may be displaying their loyalty and desire to be close to their pack leader.

5. Routine: Dogs thrive on routine and familiarity. If you have established a consistent bedtime routine that involves your dog sleeping on you, they may continue to seek that same routine every night, excluding your husband.

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6. Body language: Dogs are highly perceptive of human body language. If you unintentionally provide more welcoming body language to your dog, they may be more inclined to choose you as their sleeping companion.

7. Personal preference: Ultimately, dogs, like humans, have their own unique preferences. It is possible that your dog simply prefers sleeping on you for reasons known only to them.


1. Can I train my dog to sleep on my husband instead?
While you can try to encourage your dog to sleep on your husband by offering treats and positive reinforcement, ultimately, it is up to the dog’s personal preference.

2. Why does my dog sleep on me during the day as well?
Dogs may seek physical contact and closeness during the day as a way to feel secure and comforted.

3. Will my dog ever choose to sleep on my husband?
It is possible for your dog’s preferences to change over time. Building a strong bond and spending quality time with your husband may increase the chances of your dog choosing to sleep on him.

4. What if my dog sleeps on both of us?
Some dogs may alternate between sleeping on different family members, enjoying the company and comfort of both.

5. Is it a sign that my dog loves me more than my husband?
Not necessarily. Dogs can show their affection and love in various ways. Sleeping on you more often does not mean they love you more than your husband.

6. Can I discourage my dog from sleeping on me?
If you prefer that your dog sleeps elsewhere, you can provide them with a comfortable alternative, such as a dog bed, and gently redirect them to it when they try to sleep on you.

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7. Should I be concerned if my dog suddenly stops sleeping on me?
If your dog’s behavior suddenly changes, it is always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues.