Why Do Cats Put Their Bum up When You Stroke Them

Why Do Cats Put Their Bum up When You Stroke Them?

If you’re a cat owner, you may have noticed your furry friend exhibiting a peculiar behavior when you stroke them – the infamous “butt in the air” pose. While it may seem odd or even amusing, there are actually several reasons why cats do this.

1. Scent Marking: Cats have scent glands located in various parts of their body, including their hindquarters. By presenting their rear end to you, they are allowing you to interact with their scent glands. This behavior is a way for cats to mark you as part of their territory.

2. Trust and Vulnerability: By raising their hindquarters, cats are displaying trust in you. This posture exposes their most vulnerable area, indicating that they feel safe and comfortable in your presence.

3. Strengthening Bond: Cats often engage in mutual grooming, which involves licking each other’s fur. By presenting their rear end, they are inviting you to participate in this grooming behavior, which helps strengthen the bond between you and your feline companion.

4. Stretching: Cats are naturally flexible creatures, and stretching is an essential part of their daily routine. When they lift their hindquarters, they are stretching their back muscles, ensuring they remain limber and agile.

5. Pleasure and Enjoyment: Many cats simply enjoy being stroked on their lower back and tail base. By raising their rear end, they are positioning themselves to receive the desired sensation and are indicating that they are enjoying your touch.

6. Playfulness: Cats have unique play behaviors, and raising their rear end can be seen as an invitation to play. It signals that they are ready for interaction, such as chasing or pouncing, and are engaging you in their playful antics.

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7. Communication: Cats use body language as a means of communication, and the raised hindquarters can convey various messages. It might indicate that they are in a good mood, seeking attention, or expressing their affection towards you.


1. Is it normal for cats to raise their bum when being petted?
Yes, it’s a common behavior among cats. They are either marking you with their scent or showing trust and vulnerability.

2. Should I continue stroking my cat when they raise their bum?
If your cat enjoys the sensation and shows no signs of discomfort, you can continue stroking them as long as they desire.

3. Why does my cat sometimes move their bum away when I try to pet them?
This behavior could indicate that they’ve had enough petting or are not in the mood for physical contact at that moment. Respect their boundaries and give them space.

4. Can this behavior be a sign of aggression?
No, raising their bum is generally not a sign of aggression. It is more likely a sign of trust, pleasure, or an invitation to play.

5. Why do some cats never raise their bum during petting?
Every cat is unique, and their responses to petting can vary. Some cats may simply not exhibit this behavior, and that’s perfectly normal.

6. Should I be concerned if my cat frequently raises their bum?
Unless there are other concerning behaviors or signs of discomfort, there is typically no need for concern. This behavior is generally harmless and natural for cats.

7. Can I mimic this behavior to communicate with my cat?
While you can try to mimic this behavior to communicate with your cat, it’s important to remember that cats have their own unique ways of communicating. Pay attention to their body language and observe their responses to understand their preferences and needs better.

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In conclusion, the “butt in the air” behavior when stroking cats is a fascinating aspect of feline communication. Whether it’s marking you with their scent, showing trust, or simply seeking pleasure, it’s just another endearing quirk that makes our feline friends even more intriguing.