How to Keep Cat off Christmas Tree

How to Keep Cat off Christmas Tree: A Guide to a Cat-Friendly Holiday Season

The holiday season brings joy and excitement, but it can also bring some challenges, especially if you have a mischievous feline friend who sees your beautifully decorated Christmas tree as the ultimate playground. If you’re tired of constantly shooing your cat away from the tree or finding broken ornaments, here are some tips on how to keep your cat off the Christmas tree.

1. Choose the right location: Place your Christmas tree in an area where your cat doesn’t have easy access. Consider using a room divider or baby gate to create a barrier.

2. Secure the tree: Use a sturdy tree stand and anchor it to the wall or ceiling using fishing line or clear wire. This will prevent the tree from toppling over if your cat decides to climb it.

3. Cover the water reservoir: Cats are attracted to water, so cover the tree’s water reservoir to prevent them from drinking it. Stagnant tree water can be harmful to cats.

4. Use deterrents: Cats dislike certain smells, so spritzing the tree with a cat-friendly deterrent like citrus or peppermint can help keep them away. Alternatively, you can place aluminum foil or double-sided tape around the base of the tree, as cats generally dislike the texture.

5. Provide alternative entertainment: Keep your cat engaged and distracted by providing plenty of toys and playtime. A tired cat is less likely to be interested in the Christmas tree.

6. Consider a smaller tree: If your cat’s curiosity knows no bounds, consider opting for a smaller tabletop tree instead. This will be easier to secure and less enticing for your feline friend.

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7. Use a cat repellent: There are several commercially available cat repellents that can be sprayed on the tree. These sprays emit an odor that cats find unpleasant, deterring them from approaching the tree.


1. Why is my cat so obsessed with the Christmas tree?
Cats are naturally curious creatures, and a Christmas tree with shiny ornaments and dangling lights is like a playground for them. They see it as a new and exciting environment to explore.

2. Can I use a fake tree instead?
Yes, a fake tree can be a good option if you’re concerned about your cat’s safety. However, some cats may still show interest in fake trees due to their unique smells and textures.

3. Is tinsel safe for cats?
No, tinsel can be dangerous if ingested by cats. It can cause intestinal blockages, which may require surgery to remove.

4. What should I do if my cat gets stuck in the tree?
If your cat manages to climb the tree and gets stuck, remain calm. Avoid pulling them out forcefully, as this can cause harm. Instead, try to coax them down with treats or toys.

5. How do I prevent my cat from chewing on the tree lights?
To prevent your cat from chewing on the tree lights, make sure they are securely fastened to the tree and out of reach. You can also consider using battery-operated lights instead.

6. Can I use a deterrent spray on the ornaments?
It is not recommended to use deterrent sprays directly on the ornaments, as they may damage or stain them. Instead, focus on keeping your cat away from the tree itself.

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7. Should I punish my cat for climbing the tree?
No, punishment is not effective and can lead to anxiety or fear in your cat. Instead, focus on creating a safe and cat-friendly environment by following the tips mentioned above.