How Do You Say Dog in Japanese

How Do You Say Dog in Japanese?

If you are a dog lover and want to learn how to say “dog” in different languages, then you might be curious about how to say it in Japanese. The word for dog in Japanese is “inu” (犬). Let’s dive into this interesting topic and explore some frequently asked questions about dogs in Japanese culture.


1. How do you pronounce “inu”?
The pronunciation of “inu” is ee-noo. Keep in mind that the “i” sounds like the “ee” in “bee” and the “u” sounds like the “oo” in “moon.”

2. Are there any other words for dog in Japanese?
Yes, there are a few other words used in different contexts. “Ken” (犬) is a more formal term and “wan” (ワン) is an onomatopoeic word used to mimic the sound dogs make.

3. Do Japanese people have a special relationship with dogs?
Dogs are highly regarded in Japanese culture. They are considered loyal companions and symbols of loyalty and protection. They are often depicted in traditional art and literature.

4. Are there any famous dog breeds in Japan?
Yes, there are several famous Japanese dog breeds, including the Akita Inu, Shiba Inu, and Hokkaido Inu. These breeds are known for their unique characteristics and are popular both in Japan and internationally.

5. Are there any dog-related festivals or events in Japan?
Yes, Japan hosts various dog-related festivals and events. One of the most famous is the annual “Tōrō Nagashi” festival in Kyoto, where lanterns are released on the river to honor the spirits of deceased pets.

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6. Are there any dog-specific words or phrases in Japanese?
Yes, there are several dog-specific words and phrases. For example, “inu no kubi” (犬の首) means “dog’s neck,” and “inu no koe” (犬の声) means “dog’s bark.” Additionally, “inu no kimochi” (犬の気持ち) refers to “dog’s feelings.”

7. Can I use the word “inu” to refer to any type of dog?
While “inu” is the general term for dog, if you want to specify a certain breed, you can combine it with the breed name. For example, “Shiba inu” refers to a Shiba dog, and “Akita inu” refers to an Akita dog.

Learning how to say “dog” in different languages can be a fun and educational experience. In Japanese, the word “inu” represents the deep connection and admiration Japanese people have for these loyal companions. Whether you are planning to visit Japan or simply interested in expanding your vocabulary, knowing how to say “dog” in Japanese is definitely a worthwhile addition.