How Do You Say Dog in Italian

How Do You Say Dog in Italian?

If you’re a dog lover planning to visit Italy or simply want to expand your vocabulary, learning how to say “dog” in Italian is a great place to start. The word for dog in Italian is “cane” (pronounced kah-neh). This word is widely recognized and used throughout Italy, making it easy to communicate with locals about our furry friends. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to dogs in Italian:


1. How do you say “puppy” in Italian?
The word for puppy in Italian is “cucciolo” (pronounced koo-cho-loh). It’s a term of endearment often used to refer to young dogs.

2. Are there any other words for dog in Italian?
Yes, there are a few regional variations. In some parts of Italy, people may use the word “cagnolino” (pronounced kah-nyoh-lee-noh) to refer to a small dog, or “canino” (pronounced kah-nee-noh) to describe a little dog.

3. How can I say “good dog” in Italian?
To praise a well-behaved dog, you can say “bravo cane” (pronounced brah-vo kah-neh). This phrase is commonly used to encourage and show appreciation for a dog’s good behavior.

4. What is the Italian word for “dog lover” or “dog person”?
The term “amante dei cani” (pronounced ah-man-teh day kah-nee) translates to “dog lover” or “dog person” in Italian. It’s a great way to describe your passion for dogs when conversing with Italian speakers.

5. How do you ask someone if they have a dog in Italian?
To ask someone if they have a dog, you can say “Hai un cane?” (pronounced eye oon kah-neh). This phrase allows you to inquire about someone’s ownership of a dog in a casual manner.

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6. What is the Italian word for “dog breed”?
The term “razza di cane” (pronounced raht-tsah dee kah-neh) refers to a dog breed in Italian. It can be used when discussing specific breeds or asking about someone’s dog’s breed.

7. How do you say “walk the dog” in Italian?
To express the act of walking a dog, you can say “portare a spasso il cane” (pronounced por-tah-reh ah spah-soh eel kah-neh). This phrase is commonly used when discussing daily dog walking routines.

Learning how to say “dog” in Italian can open up a whole new world for dog lovers. It not only allows you to communicate with locals but also helps you connect with other dog enthusiasts in Italy. So, whether you’re planning a trip or simply interested in expanding your language skills, remember that “cane” is the word you need to know to talk dogs in Italian!